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This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.

kuanyin a061 8d8dd9

That which binds you to life is desire, that which prevents you from practice is the ego...

kuanyin a060 3j9sj9

It was the kind heart that has led you to this Path and it is the caring heart that makes it possible for you to practise its teachings and disciplines....

kuanyin a059 dxe93s

Live gratefully and know that each day is there to provide you with the opportunity to make right your life and lovely your character!

kuanyin a058 reu72x

Character cannot be perfected without trials!

kuanyin a057 luw84y

Be patient and know that that which stands between your wish and its attainment is time!

kuanyin a056 gys09s

Be respectful to all,
For everyone is potentially divine!

kuanyin a055 721shs

No matter what others may think of you or how you may see yourself to be - unkind, useless or even evil, that is the time to remember that you are of divine essence and that you can, if you will try, to be the other you, who is caring, pure and even selfless...

kuanyin a054 ndbdh2

It is not uncommon for the crucial point of self-development to be happening at the critical time when the world is in darkness and mankind is in despair.

kuanyin a053 09j7xz

Humility and Obedience may not seem to be of much importance to be cultivated, but they are the very qualities that shall enrich and increase your spiritual growth as time moves on. Why they are seldom cultivated is due to the resistance of the ego!

kuanyin a052 kk22xx

What is Light but the Spiritual Light that is more precious than the light of the sun and the moon; What is Love but the Divine Love that is purer than the love of the gods and men? Be glad then that you have made it to this Glorious Path that shall bring you above the ranks of the Gods!

kuanyin a051 9125sj

Over enthusiasm and irregularity, these are the two most common faults of the beginners of the Way!

kuanyin a050 8qks29

Gather the Light that shall win you the transcendental knowledge that is called Wisdom; gather the Love that shall win you the unconditional love that is called Compassion. Amass them and the doorways of the Path shall be opened to you spontaneously!

kuanyin a049 wqu9xs

Execute your duties without being tainted by desire of any kind!

kuanyin a048 hesu28

In order to progress along this Path of the Caring Heart, develop the knowledge which tells you that the Spirit of Kuan Yin is with you through living the Teachings that you have gathered!

kuanyin a047 62sjrk

Fill your days with devotional service and the Spirit of Kuan Yin shall be brought forth!

kuanyin a046 mgn28a

Know that, if not for the light of the sun and the moon, the world will always remain dark; if not for the Light and Love, the hearts of man will always remain deluded!

kuanyin a045 utych2

Live the kindly and gracious life and you will have no fear of death, which can direct a person to any of the 8,400,000 species of life. For Niang will be there to guide you to a most favourable rebirth that will ensure a much better existence!

kuanyin a043 h438sk

Say a Prayer a day to keep the temptations away!



kuanyin a044 74w29n

Chant the Holy Mantra as if it is the only means of cleansing the dust from the mirror of your mind! Do that with your fullest concentration and devotion, and the mind of brightness and the heart of kindness will arise for you to make good use of!

kuanyin a042 hfkdwi

Let your words and your deeds express the holy Teaching that you are trying to live!

kuanyin a041 duw283

Be glad that you, and those who are with you, shall soon be moving forward to a new level of spirituality that will transform you to the state of a faithful, so that the work of attending to self-growth and leading others into the Path may be undertaken with courage and enthusiasm. Know then, that true learning shall soon be there to make brighter and lovelier your life!

kuanyin a040 vnsi91

Love purely to enhance your spirituality! Let right worship put you to right living to prove its purity, divinity and reality!

kuanyin a039 ksud8d

Know that sound and breath comes together to promote life and, when rightly made use of, promotes the heart of devotion that is filled with great compassion.

kuanyin a038 w92du8

Be pure of heart and Light and Love will find their way into it to enable you to live the righteous life that is bent on developing the virtues of life. But bear in mind that what is won can also be lost, if care is not taken to look after it. This explains why there can be no rest in your cultivation and why your sadhana must not be undermined by being in the company of those who are given to evil ways and bad habits!

kuanyin a037 qj7w79

To be able to forbear is to be strong in cultivation.



kuanyin a036 8dj98d

Blessings shall be won by those who are kind and caring at heart; virtues will grow in them whose hearts are helpful and merciful as well, and the seeing of the Self-nature, to those whose hearts are also compassion-filled!

kuanyin a035 zojr38

Blessed are those who will not yield to the forces of their lower nature, which will cause them to follow the stream of negative life and make them slaves of every desire. More blessed are they who are able to subdue their lower impulses which will win them the positive life and make the masters of their senses that are the fetters to samsaric existence!

kuanyin a034 ks7wxh

Treasure the mind and know that it is the most precious thing in your being and that it is most valuable to you, since it is the investment that you can make use of to move forward in your evolution. Take care of it then, by keeping it pure, and it will bring you the highest of joys in life.

kuanyin a033 73hs3a

Having entered into the Family, fulfil your obligations and be Light and Love filled. Do that by keeping yourself pure (Light) and virtuous (Love). Achieve this, and you will be a loving friend to all who will give your light and love as the sun and moon and stars of the Universe are doing all the time, unendingly and without discrimination or any thought of reward!

kuanyin a032 mnbvff

The spontaneous flow of mudras may seem strange and frightening to those who have never witnessed it! Do not let this prevent you from receiving them just because others may ridicule it. Know that this is the way to let flow the cleansing and nurturing Energy into your being. Know too that this is the instant of receiving Grace and only he who has experienced it for himself may believe and appreciate it!

kuanyin a030 8duwuy

All five deadly enemies of life are our own passions of greed, lust, anger, attachment and pride, which must be eradicated.

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