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Be Independent!

05 You Xi Guan Yin


One does not call the Lord for the slightest of the clarification of any doubt. For doubts will be countless throughout life and it is up to man to clear them through patient investigation.

At all times the Guru will be aware of the disciples mental states, at all times the actions and motivations of the disciples are also known. Holding a dear thought for the Guru is devotion, calling the name of the Guru is love but to seek the Guru’s presence at the slightest of matter, there is no real value in such an action. It is when a disciple is able to perform and can be relied upon that the Guru will move further away. This gives him the opportunity to be ‘himself’ to learn to draw faith from his own steadfastness. The disciple’s duty is to learn and in the process of learning, he must be tested, both mentally and physically. And he must be prepared to face the world with confidence too, showing his worth and with the learning that the Guru has imparted. He will not cry for help at the slightest excuse, he must not fear obstacles, nor must he fear failure. In the course of learning, how can the Way be clearly and at once understood? How can one know the way except by travelling it, exerting tremendous effort? Walk.

Learn how to walk carefully, safely and how to overcome obstacles that are present. A child must grow up to be a man. A disciple must someday become a Guru so that he too may be of benefit to many, otherwise what is the purpose of apprenticeship? But it is natural for one to look up once in a while for the reassurance of the presence of the Guru. This is allowed and it is love and devotion too. Just like the child who will call out to his mother every now and then, even in the midst of playing, just to have to reassurance that mother is around, concerned, and this brings warmth to the heart of both of them. However, when a child is ever calling the mother at every instant, how can he ever grow up independently? Love and warmth will not be present and indeed, a sense of irritation may be created. Common sense must prevail in life.

Life must be lived and each must not expect too much dependence on others. He who is of the independent spirit will rise above others. The Guru will not choose a disciple for no apparent reason, nor will the disciple be tested when he is not ready for it. Therefore those who have been chosen to become the ones to be tested, they must generate the spirit of heroism. Since the task is spiritual, with the purpose of bringing advantage to others, develop the energy of compassion so that the thought of one’s own self will be reduced, and then all actions will be performed with the interest of others in mind. The purpose is there and the sense of achievement will cause the mind to develop, there is no time for falling backward, for doubts to arise. The work must be done, the safety and happiness of others are in one’s hands. With the right spirit, move on and call on the Guru for strength and blessing only, oneself will do the work.

Friday, 18th July 1986
6th Moon, 12th Day

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