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Understand the way of the Way

04YuanGuang GuanYin


From all directions Deities offer their blessings. Many are fortunate to have attracted their interests and so their lives seem to be protected. This is the result of a kind heart. To have a heart which is warm and caring towards others, wishing them happiness at all times, this is the religion of man.

No name needs to be called, no founder needs to be born to teach it, it has been the Way towards Divinity, it is Divine Law which has been grasped by human mind since time began. It therefore lies in the heart of each being who has the discriminating mind.

By nature man lives to do good to others and if he pursues this quality of the heart, he will rise to the status of divinity, joining the Deities who are pure at heart and always sending their blessings to those who follow their Way. The Way cannot be described but yet can be walked by all. It leads one to the goal of life, yet where can the goal be found? It can be clearly expressed, yet by calm thinking, reaching into one’s own heart, it can easily be perceived. It is an impossible Truth, yet it is Truth itself. All men are born with the ability to achieve it, but only a few will strive for it even though it is the greatest treasure in the universe.

To join one’s heart with others, that too is a way to the Way, but to be able to do that, one needs just a warm heart which costs nothing to achieve it. It is so easily attainable and yet so difficult to grasp, that only a scarce few among a billion beings will attempt to reach for it. These are the wise beings who have accumulated sufficient merits from attempt made in previous lives. Knowing the Way it is difficult to walk. Not knowing and with righteous living one is walking towards it, one is on the Way without effort. To be effortless is to have expanded effort. This is how the Way is attained.

Those who have lived well, they deserve the blessings of the caring Deities who are able to give such so much help at certain times. When it is needed, help always do not seem to be there. Is this meant to confuse? It’s up to man to use his reasoning powers to understand the way of the Way and the Celestial Beings are always working in accord with the Way. Therefore great patience and contemplation are needed. These are the very practices that purify one’s character and purge all defilements. They make a man whole and he who is patient and wise, the understanding of the way to live as a human being is with him. Those who meet such a person are fortunate indeed for they shall sample the results of a man of the world who is destined to leave this world of men. To have an opportunity to meet one who has learned to live thus, one is also blessed, for it is by past good affinity and spiritual companionship that men and women have created right opportunities to meet again and again, in this part of the world or that, as long as conditions are ripe.

But this Truth is hard to be perceived by all. This is a world of division so men and women are of many kinds, of many beliefs and therefore through this confusion arises so many paths or faiths. They have caused their paths to be away from the Path and yet, ultimately, they must enter it again at some point. It is like the tributaries of a river or like all rivers that must flow to the one ocean. Do not be disturbed by the number of religions that are in existence.

There is no use wasting precious energy to wish that all religions will become one, it is just like wishing that all rivers have no tributaries. Just know that in the end, all rivers end in the ocean. And just as there are some rivers which are fast or slow, clean and dirty, long or short, they are nevertheless rivers and they naturally flow towards the one great ocean. It is the same with religions which teach their fellows to be good and to do good. Their methods of teaching may be different and this is because of the difference in the quality of human mind. Therefore, it comes back to past good affinities and spiritual companionships for all to meet again and again, under different conditions and systems of practice.

One can blame the child for not knowing, but some day, when he grows up, he may know more than oneself. Be patient with all who come, whether they are sincere or not, whether they mean well or otherwise. They have been caused to come - just for you to see and to learn, the differences that exist among man. They are your fields of merit, giving you the opportunity to learn and to gain wisdom. The Deities of the Directions have arranged it!

Tuesday, 15th July 1986
6th Moon, 9th Day

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