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In the journey towards one’s spiritual home, the way to practise can be quite simple or overly complicated. The complicated way is full of pitfalls. The simple way, a gradual path, will lead one very far in life and eventually to one’s spiritual home!



Be A Lifelong Practitioner of The Compassionate Path

There are some who can see, some who can hear, some who can speak, some who can give, some who can heal, and some who can lead. Depending on one’s inherent spiritual tendencies, one’s ability to develop his nature will be so. So those who can speak may not hear and so on. All things that happen to you in the course of your practice will be dependent on your past cultivation. But do not be held down by them no matter how religious they may seem. Recognise the truth that clinging will lead to undesirable results as nothing is really permanent or truly beneficial. Just be happy that you are able to sit here to practise self-improvement, to learn to realise your true nature! Those who come here with right intentions, with genuine love and sympathy for others, will find it meaningful to be a lifelong practitioner of the compassionate path, will not complain easily, will not lose heart. They will have the energy and wisdom to persevere and go as far as life allows.


Recognise What Lies Beyond and Overcome The Obstacles In One’s Spiritual Journey

The journey to goal’s end is very very long. Ultimately each being must reach home to enjoy its comfort, so why should anyone not pursue this journey with vigour? Luxuries and conveniences, attachments and desires, materialism and inertia, are the hindrances and attractions that envelop their eyes and mind so that they may not recognise the true path or the true happiness that lies beyond. The journey is again and again disrupted, and then the intention to complete the life’s path is forgotten!


Wake Up, Walk On Towards The Spiritual Home

To awaken them, they are sometimes able to develop certain latent qualities when they resume practice which is the state of continuing the journey. The further they go, the nearer they are to their spiritual home, the more wisdom they will gain, the clearer the way, and the purer they will become. The main difficulty is to discard the negative clingings, wrong views and laziness. Despite great suffering and unhappiness of human life, those who choose to free themselves from such worldly pains are very very few. But once they wake up to reality and begin to move on again, they will begin to remember the joys of cultivation. For that, some will have memories that will seep out of their consciousness and they will experience unusual developments of their senses and minds. They will be encouraged to search deeper and walk further on.


Have Faith In Oneself, Have Faith In The Teachings And Practise To Destroy All Delusions

But let there be faith in themselves, let there be faith in the teachings and let there be practice, and a whole new world will be before them. They have drawn the blind that veils the view and the beauty of Truth will brighten up their mind. All delusions may be destroyed gradually.

The way to practice can be quite simple or very complicated. The wise ones choose the easy way and avoid the complicated path which is fanciful, much more attractive but full of pitfalls. The simple way is to practise self-purification through righteous living with concentrated energy. The complicated way is filled with grand designs, rituals, difficult prayers and so on. Those who rely on the Mani Prayer with faith and confidence will find practice to be simple and eventually meaningful. Those who are here to practise simple devotion or care for others have found the simple way which will lead them very far in life!

Saturday, 6th October 1984
9th Moon, 12th Day

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