Teaching of the month - Dec 2018


- With The Right Attitude Life Is Interesting, Fruitful  and Spiritually Fulfilling!

18 Yan Hu Guan Yin


The interesting part of your life has begun. With the right attitude all ‘problems’ that are before you, particularly those of others, are meant to help you to gain a wider knowledge of the various pains of the world.

If you look at them as lessons in actions before you, you will be able to find the remaining part of your life as ‘interesting’ and fruitful; but if you take it as a ‘nuisance’, to have to listen to some who are really irritable, some who may cause you doubt and even fear, then, the remaining part of your life will be a kind of depression for you.

There are not many who will have the patience to hear the sufferings of others; there are not many who can feel for the sufferings of others, and there are not many who are able to draw trust and confidence from such people who are suffering. So when one has been placed in such a position, isn’t it a great duty to perform the duty of a listener, a counsellor, a healer? It is also a great opportunity in life, not only to gain merits, but to develop all kinds of virtues that will benefit self and others, and, in the end, gain the development of the Awakening of the Thought of Enlightenment which leads one to the level of awakening making one who is able to help and save others! With this rare opportunity, you cannot turn back. The joys of others shall be your joy, and their sufferings shall move you to work harder to form a closer link with the Clearly Evolved Ones who are able to act through your kindliness as a means to reduce sufferings for some. KYCO depends solely on you. The task of bringing joy and meaningful worship to a large number of people will depend solely on your interest and concern for them. If you should lose heart, if you should give way to the temptation of cultivating by yourself, if you should tire easily, it will be a great loss for all. Bear in mind that the Path of the Bodhisattva is never easy. Even though you do not think that you are on this path, yet the work that you have been doing is not ordinary, it has the essence of the Bodhisattva spirit. There is no time to think of failures and success, if there is work to be done, do it, if anyone needs your help, give it. Just do your utmost best and do not be happy when results are good or depressed when all you have done is of no avail. Each has his or her life to live. Each has a set or sets of sufferings that must be faced and overcome. By their coming and learning what little you can teach, what devotion and faith they can grasp, that is their good karma and the result of their efforts will tell on them some day.

Are you afraid of spending too much time on others? Are you afraid of failures and ingratitude? Are you afraid of what others will think of you if you cannot help them? These and other valid points that cause fear and retraction are the very same feelings of any worldly person. But you have been asked to serve. You cannot be like any of the worldly being who has no interest in service to others. You are to learn selflessness because it has been your past vow to make each life fulfilling and beneficial to others. This is your eighth year and you have done much. After the ninth year, you shall see it all much more differently. Actually a minimum of nine years is required for one to build up a good base for future development. The next nine years shall be different and you will know what is meant by this day’s message when you can make it to that period of time. You are in the path of evolving to a higher state of being. This calls for sincere efforts and a pure mind. Going backwards will mean becoming like those who come to you with a disturbed mind, those with grave problems because of lower mental development. The higher level that are before you can be seen in the persons who can give you teachings. Beyond such people are the attained ones. Each lifetime you shall spend periods of time to improve your mind, your spirituality, your wisdom. One who can spend nine years thrice in a lifetime for spiritual development is a blessed person. Won’t you strive hard to make it? There is much to learn and all the wisdom of the universe is not beyond the mind to grasp. Each day is different because nothing is in a fixed state. Therefore each day, each month, each year, each lifetime, one’s mind is exposed to all kinds of situations that will elevate him or cause him to fall downwards. To many, life is dreadfully boring and therefore quite meaningless but to you, life cannot be so, it is interesting!

Thursday, 3rd July 1986
5th Moon, 27th Day

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