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A Year of Learning and Growing Spiritually

09 Shi Yao Guan Yin


All signs are there to show that trials are to be expected from peoples of all walks of life, all over the world. Maturation of the evil karmas of the past is at hand, and all kinds of calamities are to be expected.

Fear is in the heart of many, but these are the ignorant ones; pain is felt by so many who have no idea where it came from, and many will be puzzled at how cruel the world can be! With these situations a new energy is gradually developed. It comes from the hearts of the troubled ones, and it is strengthened by the energies of those who care!

A new spiritual interest has arisen, and many are now turning to prayers. Out of fear, pain and misery, countless millions are learning how to pray from their hearts and directing their energies to the Divine for appeasement, and such efforts will develop a new energy of hope for the future. In the process of praying, the mind will begin to think, with visions of a world of fairness, comfort and peace. Those who are fortunate will come across spiritual friends who will lead them to a new way of life which has spiritual flavours and some will be led to great heights. The troubled world then becomes an opportunity for many a troubled-mind to change over, and to develop a new understanding of what life and its pains and dissatisfactoriness stand for. With countless people sincerely praying, some good effect are bound to come about. But time is needed for any development and so great patience and understanding must be there. To help them to hasten their expectations, there will be many caring ones who will be present in their midst, urging them to pray and to do good, pointing them to the Paths of Wisdom and giving them all the help that is possible. At such troubled times, only the wise ones will be able to see and learn more. They must have disciplined control over their attachments and emotions, their minds must not be ruffled easily, they must be able to live in equanimity. It is the best period of learning how to subdue the mind!

Do not look at sufferings as punishments or other superstitious causes. Do not look at losses as a curse or with a vengeful heart. All that will happen must happen, and it is best that one is ready to take life as it comes. And then all pains are no more than purifications after which happiness will come about. Without pains and unhappiness how can the mind be awakened to reality? Without seeing and experiencing pains, how can one wish for happiness and strive to attain it? The troubled period may be a curse to many, but some will gain by it and begin to develop themselves. To such beings the painful periods of life are but occasions to benefit themselves spiritually, for it is then that their minds are able to develop speedily. So this is to be a year of learning for you. To see life, appreciate it and without too much attachments to it, to be with the troubled ones so that they can be comforted and led to a path of practice which leads to happiness!

Friday, 14th February 1986
1st Moon, 6th Day

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