KYCO's History

The moving of our Kuan Yin Contemplative Order to its present premises marked another milestone for our Order in that the "Kuan Family" now has a place we can call our Spiritual Home, the Temple of Light and Love. It is the 7th and final Gift of Love from our Divine Mother, Kuan Shih Yin P'usa, made possible by the generous contributions of more than 20,000 donors from all walks of life, near and far.

The actual date of shifting was preceded by the "Hoi Kong" (Consecrating) ceremony of the three images of our Cho Sees, namely Kuan Yin P'usa, Wong Lo Sin See, and The Spirit of the North, on 12th March 2006, which also coincided with Wesak Day. This simple yet significant ceremony, held at 5:00am, was kindly performed by Mr. Wong Kim Seng, of the Wong Lo Sin See Temple in Cheras. About 30 KYCO members sacrificed the best part of their sleep to attend the ceremony, some arriving as early as 4.30am.

On the whole the moving was seamlessly executed. Organized by the leaders of the various sub-committees formed for this purpose most of the items were already in the new temple weeks earlier, transferred in staggered stages on a daily basis. On the final day of shifting, 21st May 2006, the kind assistance of Curio Pack Sdn Bhd made it possible for us to move the main altar and some of the heavy items. The following week, more than 50 members turned up to clean and clear whatever leftover items in the former temple at Taman OUG. Admittedly, any expression in whatever form is not sufficient to thank Dato' Lim Keng Siew and his family for the use of their property as our Way-place since end of 2001.

The first prayer at our new centre was held on 23rd May 2006, preceded by a symbolic opening ceremony of ribbon cutting performed by Sifu and Simoh. The turn out was overwhelming, filling the ground floor space to capacity. The pleasant appearances of many old devotees and the exchange of greetings brought back sweet memories of the past. It sort of augured well for our Order, a kind of homecoming for some old members.

Although the shifting has ended another chapter in our moving from one place to another, it is the beginning of yet another chapter and a more important one - the real practice in our spiritual journey of life.

In the span of 25 years, the Divine Mother and our Divine Gurus have groomed and nurtured us spiritually in ways unequalled elsewhere. Through Sifu, She has spoken millions of Dharma-filled words and guided us all the way by the mere dependence on Her Holy Mantra of OM MANI PADME HUM. During the 9th Moon Festival of 2002, the initiated devotees took the pledge to enter the “Kuan” family, which is meant for us to live up to its name and qualities. For that our Divine Mother has introduced the 6 qualities of the Mind intended to uphold our character to be gentle, humble, simple, charitable, hospitable and noble. These are supported by the 6 virtues of the Heart with the practice of being kind, caring, helpful, merciful, loving and compassionate. Further 6 qualities of the selfless Nature, comprising the values of being loyal, honest, sincere, courageous, pure and selfless, were introduced a year later in 2003.