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All Developed And Enlightened Beings Share The Same Essence

33KuanYin 27


There are times when prayers should also be offered by all to the Great Lords who help to found this Order. Although a Buddhist front, yet it was the Great Lords of the Taoist Pantheon who crossed you over to this Path.

There need not be any confusion at all in this as the essence of all developed and enlightened Beings are the same. Human minds may find it difficult to see or perceive the Oneness of all and therefore there are distinctions arising which have created havoc in the hearts and minds of narrow-minded ones! Because of pride and selfish attitudes so many have claimed that theirs are the ‘one and only true faith’, and so with such delusion, several Supreme Deities have come about. But this is not so. Those who have worldly minds cannot perceive the truth and they only caused their own pains and sufferings. The Lords-on-high look down and sigh deeply at the ignorance of mankind.

They would like to help but the barrier of deluded mind is there and it is quite impossible to break this resistant wall that man has created himself. Even if the truth was before them, they will refuse to accept it and so it is best that they be left to seek wisdom through the normal but slow process. Enlightenment is certain but how long does it take for a being to attain it is uncertain. Blessings can be given but they will be of help up to a certain extent only. It is difficult to force a cow to have a drink of water when it is not thirsty.

For you, the Lords of the Heaven are but of one Essence, and they are no different except in forms and in the understanding of mankind. It is not possible for one to sit and think to arrive at this conclusion. Mind is filled with distraction and doubts. For these reasons many have been given the rare opportunity to experience and to see these truths, through deserving merits and the compassion of the Great Lords who are in affinity with them. After seeing the incredible, the unexplainable, they will not dare to openly declare such sights to the world, and even if they do, men will treat them as insane. The wise ones will learn to hold heavenly secrets and then begin to practise severely, knowing goals end, they will not waver in their disciplines. Some will be caused to do certain work and attracted a small number of close disciples without causing confusion to the public. Others are put into accepted practices which will draw a certain category of persons who will derive some benefits from them. Yet, it is but impossible for anyone to openly declare what he knows without causing controversy and problems to themselves. Those who have become great ones and have their own followings have earned worship by men and women. They have done their best but only to form another faction, another group of people and another set of problems. Understanding this, it is best that one lives according to the teachings that he has received and with harmony with others.

If he is on the wisdom path, he will come across one which teaches the Universality of beings and the Oneness of all Compassionate Lords. You are on such a path and therefore you must not be afraid to offer prayers of respect to all Great Lords of the religions that practise compassion and wisdom. For you the several Deities are your true Benefactors and Protectors and therefore you should offer daily prayers to them, or better still, teach others to worship them too. But the path of practice has been determined to be Buddhist and for that reason you have been passed on to Kuan Shih Yin so that your practice is that of the Bodhisattva Path.

Miracles have been seen more often here than any other places that you have been to. You yourself know that you have no power whatsoever and that you have never learned any magical arts. That is for you to develop your faith, for others to develop their faiths. It means that sincerity and purity of heart can bring forth great powers, the powers of the Lords on high! In your recitation and full dependence on the Mani, unbelievable results have come about. You need not practise any other method by that of Compassion and Loving-kindness which is the Mani itself! Since all Compassionate Lords share the same essence, your dedication to just one, Kuan Shih Yin, will draw the attention of all! Fully put your faith in the simple method of practice that you have been taught and all will be well. Other methods of practice which may be more famous and claimed to be more effective or powerful, but they are so only to those who have the merits to practise them. Having the power to develop just a method will bear better fruit than another other more power ones. Therefore, there is no need for you to accept too many kinds of practices which others may introduce to you with the best of intention. Accept their kindness and generosity but do not be committed by such practices whenever you find them to be uncongenial. Develop and advance on your own! You have a great lineage of Great Lords behind you and you must learn to accept progress patiently! Accept no short cuts and crave for no special transmission of powers from others.

How many have received blessings through the method as practised here? How many have found meaning and faith? Even with your having to leave this room? There are times when it is necessary to inspire faith in those who are wavering and for that those with merits come and receive special blessings in the form of miracles. Why do some not respond to blessings and prayers? It should not trouble your mind greatly. Just do your best and perform the necessary. Know that those who have good roots, will easily receive immediate result and those who have hardly any real merit will have to wait for just a while. Such people who come here may not receive benefits constantly, but they are truly planting good seeds which must have time to grow; they should maintain faith and live righteously, wishing to change over to the good path; this is like helping their good seeds to grow so that good karma will arise and then blessings will be felt!

Monday, 2nd December 1985
10th Moon, 21st Day

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