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Quote of The Day (91)

This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.

kuanyin 211Why are there so many religions in the world? That’s because there are many kinds of people in the world.

kuanyin 210Chanting and meditating is part and parcel of your daily practice. Chant to gain the attention of the Lord, meditate to gain mental peace. If while chanting the divine name, you see the Lord within, when you open your eyes you will also see Him without, pervading the entire universe; you will see Him everywhere. It is only when you see the Lord outside that you find peace flowing within and without. This is what pervading peace is all about! To experience peace you have only to chant the name of your Lord or practise meditation regularly.

kuanyin 209Whenever you chant the Name or the mantra of your Guru Deity, do so with devotion and reverence. Sit upright, treat the body as the sacred temple of the Deity. Chant the Name aloud; chant the name silently; chant the name within your heart; chant the name secretly; chant the name in the privacy of your inner heart. This will please the Divine Guru, He will respond to you and you will be able to feel His presence, even to see Him!

kuanyin 208It is only when you have received the grace of the Divine Mother that you are able to enjoy the wonderful spiritual experiences, undergo spontaneous bodily movements, see visions and inner light, hear inner sounds, taste inner nectars, smell inner fragrances, and enjoy bliss. Strive hard to win this Divine Grace then, and be purified on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and psychic.

kuanyin 207You should know by now that the Divine Mother is all the time sending Her Divine Light to the world to succour mankind and to bring them closer to Her.

kuanyin 206Remember, you are a child of the Divine Mother. You must always be like Her.

kuanyin 205Spiritual practice is about the gradual unfoldment of such divine qualities as patience, forgiveness, love, understanding and thoughtfulness.

kuanyin 204When your mind is turned to sex, practice is impossible, purity of heart is unattainable, peace of mind is unobtainable. A time must come when celibacy must be practised. Why not do that now while spirituality is in your mind and the conditions to be spiritual are before you?

kuanyin 203Practise and awaken your true nature. Practise to experience yourself, not as an ordinary human being, but as one who is divine. Waste not this human birth which is so difficult to obtain. Make use of every available moment to develop your capabilities. Let your pure being emerge and become perfect.

kuanyin 202The Guru is true, The Path is true, The Mantra is true. What is left, is whether you are true to yourself or not!

kuanyin 201There is no need to renounce your family and retire into a forest or monastery to practise the Way. Live in the world. Practise from where you are. Learn to live in accord and harmony with those around you. Remain calm and patient and soon your inner bud will open through faith, reverence and endurance. Meditate regularly. Explore your own depths. See your own beauty. See the Divine that is within you!

kuanyin 200Do not underestimate yourself, thinking that you are useless, travail, incapable, unworthy or weak. You are a human being who is able to rise to the highest level of development and in you dwells the Divine in His fullest splendour.

kuanyin 199Apart from sitting meditation, try also, to practise mantric meditation, the absorption of attention in and through the mantric sound or sounds. Then also, is the practice of visual meditation on the Deity whom you are adoring. After that, try the practice of Contemplation, the pondering of the qualities and attributes of the Lord who is in your heart. Let this be your life of sitting. Sit and sit and sit and you’ll soon find the joys and rewards of sitting.

kuanyin 198The teachings and practices of the years ahead will not be anything like those of the yesteryears. If you can receive and practise them, you will marvel and love the Path that Niang has led you into. It will make you proud to have been associated with the Order that Niang has established.

kuanyin 197The greatest reward for one who practises spiritual love, one which asks for nothing in return, is that another being has become illumined by that love and is taking up the practice of carrying that love to others.

kuanyin 196Many have wondered why they are on earth which is nothing but a domain of suffering, and so life is nothing but misery. But if only they knew that they are here to learn the lessons of life, to express their true Self and to break the bonds of delusion, they would have appreciated life.

kuanyin 195The Paths are there for all to tread, but only the clean of heart may enter them, and remain there for long. This explains why the practice of every Path requires its adherents to undertake self-purification, precept-taking, and the practice of the good heart.

kuanyin 194It is by love and service to the Divine Mother that you may get the inner Light that spiritualises your heart!

kuanyin 193Pride, lust, anger, greed, jealousy and attachment, these are the weaknesses that must be vanquished.

kuanyin 192As often as you can, take time to be silent, or to sit quietly in meditation. Spend those times remaining in inner silence. Experiment with silence, so that you can live in this same way. Do that, and soon the joy of being alone will be yours, the bliss of silence will be enjoyed.

kuanyin 191The greatest joy in the world you can experience is in communion with your Divine Guru in meditation. The greatest thrill you can get is the receiving of the inner guidance from your Divine Guru. The greatest love you can have is the Divine Love that is awaiting you to receive.

kuanyin 190The most beautiful friendship and relationship in the world is that of a guru with his disciple. It is based on the highest form of love. There is no distance between them and there is nothing hidden between them. It is a friendship that is taintless.

kuanyin 189The Path of Devotion and Service is for all. It can be pursued by the high or low, the rich or poor, the learned or illiterate, the young or old, the spiritual and the worldly. It is a Path good for all. It is the Path that transforms and leads to Freedom.

kuanyin 188Outwardly, be kindly. Inwardly, be Godly!

kuanyin 187The Ladder of Spirituality and Inner Realisation can only be ascended with humility and devotion.

kuanyin 186Instead of being a devotee or a disciple, it is better to be a “devoted disciple”, one who is able to surrender himself and his ego to the Beloved Mother, and is prepared to be of service to living beings, all through his life.

kuanyin 185The believers of Kuan Shih Yin P’usa are known for the ardent devotion that they have for Her and Her Holy Path. They are therefore addressed as “devotees” or “disciples”.
A true devotee is a disciple of the Holy Mother, and a disciple should have the heart of a true devotee.

kuanyin 184Think not lightly of the group meetings that are held during each week. Being able to be in the company of fellow worshippers, and able to listen to spiritual discourses, this will save you from pitfalls, keep you in practice, and allow you to display your love and devotion to your Guru!

kuanyin 183To love Me, serve Me.
To serve Me, serve those whom I love, especially those who are sent to you.
Render service to them with your wealth, your body, your heart, and with your soul.

kuanyin 182As one who is of the Order, you must make it your goal to develop your spirituality and realise your identity with Kuan Shih Yin Bodhisattva. When this has been achieved, then, though outwardly you are very much a human being, inwardly you are divine!

kuanyin 181You have all been brought together to pray together, to learn together, to work together, to serve together, and to grow together.

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