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Quote of The Day (174)

This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.


Shed tears, not for the despairs of life but for the joy of having rid yourself from the chain of desires that are the causes of sorrow!


Speak clearly, softly, kindly, meaningfully and truthfully and know that sound is the vibration of the Soul and the description of the Self!


What is Light but the flame of love that is in your heart.
What is Love but the warmth of the flame that is in your heart!


Be with Light and be able to love! Be in Love and be able to love to make bright the lives of others!


It is when your heart is truly kind and caring that Niang will send you those who are suffering from shattered hearts and broken dreams for you to attend to so that you may make manifest its higher qualities.


Be Light-filled, and you will be a “Jnani” whose words are filled with wisdom. Be Love-filled, and you will be a “Baktha” whose deeds are filled with devotion. Becoming both a Jnani and a Baktha and you will be a true disciple of the Path whose words and deeds are kindly and caring and pure!


Why speak of the spiritual life when one is unable to live quietly, gently, simply, contentedly and peacefully?


Remember that these are the *Root Virtues to be attended to for the good of many; Humility, Generosity, Patience, Sympathy, Discipline, Sincerity, Sacrifice, Equanimity and Friendship.
Practise them and your good qualities such as helpfulness, gentleness, tenderness, forgiveness, selflessness and so forth will arise of their own accord! And so will such negative emotions as greed, anger, worry, envy, grief, resentment and so forth be gradually weakened and dissolved! With this shall follow the birthing of the heart that is ever kind, helpful, loving, merciful, generous and pure! Then may you be truly one who is of the Family!


The time to correct your imbalances of life has come! Welcome it and live it as a rare opportunity to make good and happy your future seldom obtained by many!


In the life of every person, at some time or other, a kind of spiritual life spouts up and real growth shall take place to fill it with lovely and kindly deeds that shall bring joy and hope and meaning to the lives of others. Such a moment of time has arisen, at least for those who are blessed with the Teachings of this Contemplative Order!


Meditation is but the contemplation of one’s true nature. Seek to understand this self nature and you will be living the purposeful and meaningful life!


Well done, and know that correcting yourself in this auspicious Year is a most wonderful way to prepare yourself for the years to come!
With the decline of Dharma shall come an Age of lost faith and empty hearts!


Witnessing suffering is a way to bring about the arising of sympathy which, in turn, has its way of bringing about the birthing of the Heart of Compassion!


Your decision to be of the Family is a clear sign that you are ready to live the disciplined and pure life. So does it indicate that you are ready to practise renunciation and will be increasing your faith and devotion. This is good!


Just as there will come a day when we thank our parents for all the disciplines, so too shall there come a day when we thank Heaven for all our sufferings!


The Path of Light is the Path of Truth, for nothing can be hidden in it; the Path of Love, is the Path of Joy, for nothing can be harmed by it!
“Light and Love”, these are the twin Powers of the Divine! Be happy then, that they are available to you!


One may easily satisfy his needs, but never his greed! For that the root of greed must be uprooted, or the peaceful life will never be enjoyed!


There is no way to explain fully the meanings that can be attributed to the Light and Love of this Path. For the time being, just accept that you are required to give Love that is based on Wisdom, which in essence is Compassion!


Time is precious! Do not waste it, nor be wasted by it! Use it well and be well!


Let the lotus flower remind you not to be too closely bound up with the things of the world. See how it holds its beautiful head above the murky waters, even though its roots are buried in them? Be wise then, and keep the self above all worldly entanglements!


A most effective way of awakening your compassion towards others is by reflecting on their suffering and mentally put yourself in their place. And if this does not work, then try seeing your loved ones in their place!


Since all beings are in suffering, whether they are aware of it or not, and since all of them are related to you, whether you know it or not, as of this day, bring forth the strong wish that they be freed from the causes of suffering. Let this help to win you the heart of true caring and love!


Bearing the noble name of ‘Kuan’ simply means that henceforth you shall not be the reason of anybody’s unhappiness or downfall in life!


It is time for you to make some pledges and commit yourself to practise them diligently! Then may you some day spend time looking at how they have improved your practice or your life!


Light and Love
The world is in darkness! What it needs is Light to brighten it up!
So is the world in pain! What it needs is Love to heal it!
Since both of these qualities are in your heart, why do you not share them with others?


Know that it has taken many thousand lifetimes to grant you a life such as this! Know too that you have but just began the work that must be done... and cannot be completed with haste!


Keep on with the work that must be done! Be not afraid of failures, difficulties or obstacles that abound! Know that they are good for you and that they are there to make you strong, which you must!


Remember this well!
It is not the wishful heart, but the willing hands and feet that will enable one to walk in the footsteps of his Guru with success!


Kindness is the root of all virtues. Practise it well and, in time, its highest fruition - The Heart of Great Compassion, shall be yours to enjoy!


Faith is needed to walk the Kuan Yin Path because of the unending Doors of Practice that must be entered to learn the things that must be learned and to develop the qualities that must be developed if one is to experience its endless unfoldings!


Divine perception is earned gradually - through countless lifetimes of return to refine the understanding of the Truth of Life. Heed then, the Call to change your worldly views into the Divine Perspective so that you may make better use of the Sword of Discrimination that is in your hand to bring a quicker end to your long cycle of incarnations!

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