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Quote of The Day (110)

This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.


It is expected of you to be an example to others. Therefore, be ever calm, caring and collected and no problems will be unsolvable for the good of all!


Humbleness, Kindness, Caringness and Helpfulness, these are the four qualities that must be paid heed to for the months ahead! For it is time that you should know how to apply them in your daily living! Only then may you know how far you have gone in this Practice of the Kind and Caring Heart that must be well established!


The work of bringing brightness to the lives of others begin with a kindly thought!


It is not important whether others will love you; what is important is that you will not stop loving them at all times!


There is no better way to celebrate the blessings you have received than to dedicate the rest of your life to Divine Service! If there is any wish to sing, then sing the hymns that you have heard and direct their sounds to the downtrodden!


As of this day, let the river of Kindness flow from your heart to as many beings as possible! Having received the Light and Love of the Festive Season, it will not be difficult for you to be ever kind, gentle and helpful to others at any time!

kuanyin 461

For unless their (devotees) lives are filled with right activities, karmic lessons will not be learned, nor karmic debts repaid! Neither will they be able to emerge a wiser and more compassionate person! This then, is the best of times for them to develop their potentials for spiritual advancement! This is when they can bring forth their noble qualities and emerge a loving disciple of the Order!

kuanyin 460

The time has come for those who are committed to the Path of Service to spend as much time in giving help to others as in sitting! Yes, sufficient learning has been gathered. They must now apply their knowledge to daily living so as to gather the skills that will free them from their pains of life!

kuanyin 459

Fearing what has happened to the world will not make it any brighter. Better it is to send daily thoughts of love and prayers to those who are affected by the tragedy!

kuanyin 458

The present tumultuous conditions of the world should help to awaken many to see the need to live rightly and wisely - especially those who are already in practice!

kuanyin 457

The time to move on has come! Accept it with grace and be in flow with the Law of change if you are to make any headway in spiritual perfection!

kuanyin 456

Be happy that the opportune moment to take command of the spiritual life has come! Be happy that you have increased your depth of understanding as well as your compassion for living beings! Be happy that the changing times have not disrupted your positive thinking and confident living, nor your determination to engage yourself in the service of others!

kuanyin 455

With the blessings of the Seasonal Light, the Road before you shall have a fork-one towards material success, and, the other, spiritual attainments! Which ever is the choice, it is time to give your best! Yes, it is time to utilise the new round of energy for success - so it is work and work and work! There is no looking back. Just move forth! After you have worked, move on to the next round of work that need to be done! Material success will be for your own enjoyment, Spiritual success will be for the lifetimes to come! Think over this clearly and make your decision to the Holy One!

kuanyin 454

Happy Chinese New Year! May there be World Peace and Harmony! May this year be your most spiritually fulfilling year!
Live the New Life and head for a happy and peaceful future! Be in command then, of the ever-flowing stream of thoughts and acts of each day to ensure that they are filled with goodwill, kindness, humility, charity and reverence!

kuanyin 453

Can you not see now how things will always happen in the right way and at the right time? Do you still doubt that Niang is ever away from you? Will you not move forth with courage to do the work, even when times are most discouraging?

kuanyin 452

Avoid going here and there, if you can help it! Know that this is not a Year for needless travel, but one for deeper cultivation! It is up to you to decide whether this will be a dynamic year for spiritual growth or not!

kuanyin 451

A Great Turning-Point has come! Welcome it and take joy that the Journey to a New Phase of Life is about to begin! Though few are able to see it, those who have acquired the higher view will make it a point to work towards becoming what they have always wanted to be! Seize the opportunity then, and be counted amongst those who are changing their course of life and heading towards goal’s end! Make up your mind to raise your level of consciousness.

kuanyin 450

Can you not see how fortunate you are to have taken birth in this period of time when mankind is moving on to a new phase of life?
Can you not see how privileged you are to have been placed into a Path of Seeing when the world is moving on into another Age of Time?
Can you not see how wonderful your life is to have been brought to the feet of the Divine Mother who is guiding you to lead the life that will bring fullness to it?
Om Sari Hum!

kuanyin 449

Arising from quarrels is always violence and destruction!
The causes to last evening’s (11th September 2001) tragedy have, at last, come into effect! Pitiful are those who accept not The Law of Cause and Effect! How are they to bring this deep hurt to an end? Not until they are able to fully understand the workings of Karmic Law and will live in accord with it! And if this is beyond them, then at least they should know that hatred is not ceased by hatred, but by love and forgiveness, which is not unknown to them!

kuanyin 448

You alone are responsible for your circumstances, your relationships and your wellbeing in life!

kuanyin 447

Being here is not for the purpose of worship but to experience the goodness that is in the heart!

kuanyin 446

Listen to your mind, and you will become its slave;
Listen to the Teachings and you will become the master of your mind!

kuanyin 445

Forget not that yours is a life that is meant to be given to others so that you may learn how to serve with gentleness and love and equanimity!

kuanyin 444

Happiness and misery, they may be far apart or near. Since this is so, worry not about the future... just live each day well!
Miserable is he who is addicted to desires; Happy is he who is rid of them!
To be able to renounce all attachment, this is the highest joy in life!

kuanyin 443

It is time to make loving, the kind and caring heart that you have been nurturing all these years!

kuanyin 442

Do not think lightly of delusion. Its power is really immense! For it has managed to bind numberless beings to Samsara!

kuanyin 441

Know too that you are fighting the ever-present enemies of greed, anger and delusion who are well armed by the weapons of desires and attachments and fears! To subdue them, arm yourself with faith, devotion, confidence, diligence and regular attunement with the Divine Mother! Do that and your inner enemies will not find you an easy victim to conquer! Then may your work be done with success!

KuanYin c33

This nagging choice will always be there: To live for yourself or to live for the sake of many!

KuanYin c32

Run, if you are energetic, jog, if you are tried, but do not stop, or you will find that you are walking backwards, and this will rob you of the will to move on again! No matter how difficult life may be, keep up with the struggle. Know that the spiritual life is like a battle, which must be fought in order to win!

KuanYin c31

A trying and burdensome time may be before you, but this does not mean that you may take a rest! To do so is to give way to lazy mind, which detests the work and effort! Know that the journeying of the Path must be kept up with!

KuanYin c30

Live only to learn that which must be learned, to work towards achieving the happy life, and to fulfil the duties of one who worships Kuan Yin!

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