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Quote of The Day (91)

This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.

KuanYin b32

Practise humility to win friendship, gain fellowship, and improve relationship!

KuanYin b31

Wealth and poverty have one thing in common, taking one away from the path of spirituality.

KuanYin b30

Nothing is unforgivable or enlightenment will be unattainable.

KuanYin b29

In general, there are three kinds of devotees who come to the Order, they are:
(a) Those who listen but do not hear what has been said.
(b) Those who have heard but do not practice.
(c) Those who take to heart what they have heard.

KuanYin b28

Know that pain is a part of life, just as joy! Be not afraid of it then, whenever it comes. Know that it has come for a very important purpose, which is to teach you a lesson, to cancel away a karmic debt, to grow in strength and realisation; if not, to move your life into a new direction. Realise then that every pain will bring with it, a lesson, a valuable experience, an understanding, a realisation and therefore a growth!

KuanYin b27

Dwelling into the past and looking towards the future is not a bad thing to do as long as the present is not neglected. As one who is on the Contemplative Path, freedom is given to you to draw knowledge from the past to ensure that your daily life is well lived, if not, living it to the fullest! So is encouragement given to you to envisage the future results of every act that you are about to perform so that only the beneficial ones are undertaken. Do this and the present will be well lived and the future well taken care of! Do this and, in the future, you will always be rejoicing in all the good things you have done in the past!

KuanYin b26

As you begin to understand your heart more and more, and will continue to live the Teachings, you will come to discover that in you, there is a natural tendency to feel kindly and caring and forgiving towards others, which brings forth a feeling of joy and love that is difficult to describe. This is the joyous heart that has love and goodwill and friendship towards all! This is the heart that will make you humble, gentle, simple, charitable, hospitable and noble in your manner of life that is befitting of one who calls himself a Kuan Yin devotee!

KuanYin b25

Though you have entered into a life of learning and practising and teaching, you will be surprised at how ordinary people, those who know little or nothing about Buddhism, may have much to teach you about Kuan Yin practice!.
If the Path has made you into a more gentle and humble person, you are happy and healthy, this is what matters most. The Path is good for you!

KuanYin b24

The Four Stage of Practice:
(1) The stirring of spiritual interest.
(2) The awakening of devotion.
(3) The Purificatory Practice of the Steps of Practice.
(4) The illumining Experiences to awaken the Good Heart.

KuanYin b23

What can the Pathway of Loving Service do towards your spiritual development? Cultivated with honesty and diligence, over a sufficient period of time, it can transform your ordinary mind to a wise and compassionate mind. This is because there is in you this fundamental goodness, which is called the Buddha Nature, which when brought forth is capable of freeing you from attachment and aversion and fill you with love, devotion and universal compassion. This, in turn, can bring forth Bodhicitta, the Great Mind that has love for all beings without exception! That which confirms that you have arrived at this state of mind is when, in giving, you are always giving with a love that is emanated from deep compassion.

KuanYin b22

What is this but a simple path which requires you to realise your own limitations and seek self-improvements. Then you are also required to show respect and love to living beings and reverence and devotion to the Divine!

KuanYin b21

It is always good to get up before sunrise, bathe, and sit quietly for meditation. Make use of the Mani Mantra and synchronise it with the incoming and outgoing breath. Breathe in the “Om”, breathe out the “Mani”, breathe in the “Padme”, and breathe out the “Hum”. Let the mantra fill the mind as you breathe at the pace that is most comfortable to you. If your mind should wander, bring it back and continue with your meditation. If this mantra is too difficult to concentrate on, then just make use of the “Om” and “Hum” syllables. Breathe in the “Om” and breathe out the “Hum” and, in time, the quiet mind, the peaceful mind will arise of its own accord!

KuanYin b20

That which a true disciple should be concerned with is the Divine Nature of the Guru and not his action as man. Bear in mind that the nature of an evolved Guru is unfathomable and unpredictable and that he has come into your life to initiate you into the Path and to teach you what it has to offer that will make pure and holy your life. So has he come to teach you how to receive the teaching, how to understand and practise it with success. Most of all, to practise Guru Yoga or Devotion, which is the most effective way of attaining spiritual success or the realisation of the Divine.

KuanYin b19

The three basic virtues that an aspirant of the Path must possess are that of gentility, humility and nobility. The next set of virtues that he must develop are that of sincerity, loyalty and purity of heart. The third set of virtues that he should also develop are that of generosity, adaptability and equanimity!

KuanYin b18

The more prayers are said in a particular place, the better its vibrations and atmosphere! This explains why the Way-places have been known to have the most pleasing and pleasant of energies! And added with the practice of regular meditation at such a place, this will make it an even better place for cultivation, which explains why people are drawn to it!

KuanYin b17

The Gayatri Mantra is about requesting the Pure and Holy Light to flow from the Divine to humanity, by shining through the face of the Mother-Sun so as to burn away all but your divine qualities.

KuanYin b16

Joy and grief, these are the two strongest emotions that have been creating storms in the hearts of mankind. Yet, the True Nature is not affected by them. Whatever happens or does not happen for fear and grief and all such emotions belong to senses when they make contacts with objects. Thus, when you are caught in a cold environment, the crave for warmth arises and when it is too hot to bear, you crave for coolness. Therefore it is the sense-object contact that is the cause of grief or joy. In general, man seeks only joy and happiness and shuns grief and misery. He regards joy and happiness as his best of friends and grief and misery as his direct enemies.

KuanYin b15

Why do we not remember the experiences of previous births? That is because they are destroyed in memory by the incident called death!

KuanYin b14

Pay heed to the deeds of the day and night and know that they bear karma which does not cease to effect the doer as soon as they are finished. Know that karma can never be finished and that it yields fruits which, in turn, breed craving for them. Know that these cravings shall result in impulses for further repetitions and that these impulses are causes to more and more births. From this, it can be seen that karma is the cause of the cycle of births and deaths!

KuanYin b13

It is only when you are cultivating the higher yearnings that you may want to free yourself from greed, anger, attachment, hatred, jealousy and fear with all seriousness. This is when the higher stages of the Path is taught to you!

KuanYin b12

Weak minded ones will not be able to grasp the teachings; Weak hearted ones will not be able to put them to practice. So it should be quite clear to you now as to why the teachings were taught and are to be practised. This way, you will easily find out who are those that have given their hearts to the Path! These shall be the ones who have come to be taught and transformed. These shall be the ones who you can rely to assist you in your work in the future. They shall also be the ones who will love the teachings and will make a serious effort to develop their spirituality!

KuanYin b11

There are two kinds of people who do not grief over life and death - the totally ignorant and the fully wise. The ignorant ones grief not because they know not what is life and death, the wise ones grief not because they have discovered what is fundamentally true - that life and death is but a process of evolution. So have they also realised the secret of the physical and the mystery of the spiritual. Thus evolved, why would they weep over the inevitable, the unavoidable? No, the truly wise ones grief not over the living and the dead nor weep over what distresses life. They are ever calm!

KuanYin b10

Know that the human body is of itself partly masculine, partly feminine, irrespective of the sex genders we give to it.

KuanYin b09

Devotional praying, compassionate giving - to give and give and give, never once thinking of rewards, this is the start of it all.

KuanYin b08

It must be admitted that many judgements we made ourselves are tinged with ego.

KuanYin b07

It is through devotional practices/meditation that the power of reaching a point of dialogue with higher beings is reached.

KuanYin b06

As best as you can, always seek places with beautiful surroundings. Whenever you can, always keep the Way-place clean, bright and simple. Then may you find life ever-pleasant and cultivation, encouraging!

KuanYin b05

Wherever you are, be the best of person that you can be. Whatever you like to do, do it with the best of your effort! As far as possible, always choose companions who are cheerful, clean, optimistic and honest.

KuanYin b04

To succeed in your practice of the Path, you must pay attention to whatever you have to do. Then must your desire for self-mastery be greater than the desire to continue living in the old undisciplined way of life! Then must you not work at cross purposes with yourself!

KuanYin b03

A most lovely thought to dwell upon each morning and night to bring forth your heart of love is this:
- Let all beings in all the worlds be happy!
- Let them be blessed according to their wishes.
- Let this move them to love others with this very same thought!

KuanYin b02

Love is Divine... is God... is the Source of all goodness, happiness... Love is all... everything! Live the day with Love... fill the day with Love... end the day with Love!

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