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Quote of The Day (92)

This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.

kuanyin 151Practise all that you have learned over and over again. Get to know the meaning of praying, giving, sitting, caring and serving! Move on to higher realisations; generate the higher ideals and fill your life with spiritual values. Then may you be able to taste the Three Higher Trainings of Purification, Renunciation and Harmonisation and be rewarded with the constant downflow of Spiritual Light and Divine Love that will enable you to develop a loving and trusting relationship with all living beings! Only then may you be able to give Light and Love to others!

kuanyin 150With seriousness, seek the new life and be rewarded with a new phase of training and development that will fill it with spiritual activities and raise you to the rank of a practising devotee! This is what you have been prepared for when entry was made into this Path of Light and Love!

kuanyin 149Live to move on to a higher life, which is the sole purpose of your incarnation. Live to fragrance your life with the Dharma Rain that is descending upon your being daily!


kuanyin 148Live to make manifest the treasures of life so that you may share them with others! And where are they to be found? Deep within the field of your heart, awaiting gathering!

kuanyin 147Live only to make beautiful and beneficial your life by giving joy and hope and love to others!

kuanyin 146Love calms, desire excites. Passion is tension, love is not! Love is created from within, desire and passion is drawn from without! Therefore, when you can love, when you have only love, and can give only love, you have truly evolved!

kuanyin 145Develop the love for knowledge and the courage to practise it. This may gain you the ability to live the gracious life and the will to plunge yourself in service of those who are in need and misery. It is by doing so that the high character is won! Then may you no longer have any interest in subversive activities then may the virtue begin to take root in your heart.

kuanyin 144From now on, learn to live the virtuous life. Being together, strive together, to impart to others what you have learnt so that they too may begin to live the simple and harmonious life.

kuanyin 143…it is in the human state that a being is at last able to rid himself of all his bestial and animal traits. It is believed that the natural trait of a buffalo is pride, that of thieving is of a cat; of viciousness is by a snake; that of stubbornness is of a goat and so forth. It is only when such animalistic traits are forsaken that the higher state of existence is made available to man.
This explains the need to cleanse ourselves from all our negative traits; which calls for self-awareness and self-control. Knowledge of the self and control of the senses, this is what is not available to any other species of Creation!

kuanyin 142“Kuan” to receive the Light, which awakens; “Yin” to receive the response that will make full your life. Seek then, the Way of Light and Love and be one who is ever happy to Light up the lives of living beings with Love!

kuanyin 141Try and see if you can understand the meaning of Light and Love that this Path has to offer. Get the Light and welcome the Love that awaits your collection.
Purify your mind with the Light and saturate the heart with the Love that is Divine. Then share the Light and the Love that those in darkness and in misery are seeking to make new their lives!

kuanyin 140If only you will direct your love towards the Divine Mother, you will begin to understand the blissful feeling of a devoted heart. If only you will fill your mind with loving thoughts to the downtrodden, you will be awakened to the need to live in service to them...

kuanyin 139The one great purpose of life is to provide you with the opportunities to make choices. Develop then, this capacity to choose, if it is your wish to emerge a more conscious being.

kuanyin 138That which has helped to bring about the formation and establishment of this Contemplative Order, is a clear example of the flow of life and the result that it can bring. This explains why life must be accepted as it comes along. Indeed, life is for growth and, for this to happen, it must be allowed to flow if its goal is to be achieved. Reflect then, on “What Life is” to discover its purpose. Then may you find courage and joy to take on the lessons that come your way.

kuanyin 137If only you will spend time to find favour with the Divine Mother you will soon be able to understand the meaning of Kuan Yin Love and Protection.

kuanyin 136Because life must always be lived in accord with the spiritual principles, thus there are days in the week and in the year to keep holy so that you may take stock of your practice and make changes to it. More important than that is your opportunity to give glory to the Divine Mother and these appointed days. Then may you be ever near and dear to Her!

kuanyin 135In your prayer - ask not of worldly boons and advantages. These shall have no use to you at the end of life. Instead, ask that which is good and useful in this lifetime and in the next be bestowed upon you so that you may evolve in life. Then may you ensure that there is no falling into the lower existences.

kuanyin 134Know that the “Winds of the Whispers of the Divine Voice”, if you can hear them, will disperse all clouds of darkness and pain. Knowing this, sit to dwell on the worries of the day with calmness to transform their troublesome energies into the Winds of the Divine!

kuanyin 133Silence is the glory of eloquence!

kuanyin 132Be helpful to those who have fallen and are in despair; and many will be given a new lease of life...

kuanyin 131Be pray-filled for those who are sick and sad and lonely, and the purpose of your life will be fulfilled...

kuanyin 130Life is, and Things are!
Life is, yet Things are not what they seem to be!

kuanyin 129“Open your heart to receive the Light and Love that awaits your collection and you will find it easy to dedicate your life towards serving others. Then may you be what Niang has wanted you to Be - Her Light, Her Love, Her Pride! Then may you truly be a good friend to all! Om Mani Padme Hum!

kuanyin 128“What is the use of all the wealth in life if one is unable to live generously, happily and purely? What is the use of all the practice if one is unable to live cheerfully, calmly and compassionately?”

kuanyin 127“What is it that you have to achieve in this lifetime?
It is to fulfil your hopes, release your fears, and realise your dreams of life! Start identifying them then, if your life’s purpose is to be achieved!”

kuanyin 126“It is when you are able to leave your past to the mercy of the Guru, surrender your present to the love of the Guru, and allow your future to be shaped by the Guru that you have become a true disciple!”

kuanyin 125Praying is important, worship and meditation too are important, but more important is the practice of giving your help to those who are crying out in fear, hunger, disillusionment, disease and pain!
This is what the Path is teaching the aspirants to do so that they may be transformed into kind, gentle, caring and selfless hearts whose actions are free from attachments; being concerned only with actions only and never with its reward! Om Sari Hum!

kuanyin 124Apart from teaching you how to bring forth the positive qualities that are within you, this Path has also helped you to recognise the weaknesses that must be corrected!
This is how the Path has helped you in evolution and made happier and more meaningful your life! Om Mani Padme Hum!

kuanyin 123The changing times should remind you of the need to make changes to your life... to accept the changes that come with life... to move on with life through identifying and ripening the good qualities that exist within yourself and others and to develop them to the best of your ability!
It should further remind you that it is time to try to put a stop to the Turning of the Wheel of Life which brings on the continuity of samsaric existence. Stupendous though it may be, but it is not a task that is beyond anyone who has set his sight towards achieving it! Know then, what you must do! Om Sari Hum!

kuanyin 122Try increasing your thirst for spiritual knowledge and love for spiritual discipline and spiritual experiences will fill your life! This will, in turn, make manifest your spiritual qualities and lead you to higher levels of spiritual attainments and realisation. As a result of this, will be the gaining of the spiritual success that you have always yearned for! Om Mani Padme Hum!

kuanyin 121The Buddha Nature may be in you, but it has yet to be developed to possess the same qualities as the True Nature of One, who has attained Enlightenment! Om Sari Hum!

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