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Quote of The Day (90)

This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.

kuanyin 316

Niang is only asking you to do your best to be what you should be... be as humble as you can, to be as kind as you can...

kuanyin 315

Contemplate again and again on why were you brought to this Order; on what your relationship is with Kuan Yin and the Path of Contemplation; on Who Kuan Yin is; on What Kuan Yin is; on the meaning of Kuan Yin and then its deeper essence; on what is ‘Kuan’ and what is ‘Yin’; on what this Path can do to you and for you; on what is Kuan Yin’s place in your life, in your hopes, aspirations and accomplishments...

kuanyin 314

Two practices are involved in this Path: the outer activities and the inner practices. That which make up the outer activities are the wholesome activities such as practice of the disciplines, observing the moral and ethical laws, cultivating love and other virtues, and serving mankind with a noble and merciful heart. That which make up the inner practices include the meditational practice and the practising of the Sadhanas. By the outer practices, we can gain the knowledge of ourselves, others and the way of life. By the inner practices, we can gain useful insights of ourselves, which will tell us that we are not what we have always thought ourselves to be.

kuanyin 309

Why is Kuan Yin P’usa always depicted with an image of Amitabha Buddha on Her head? Bearing Her Guru on Her head is a way of telling all that Guru-devotion is of utmost importance and that Kuan Yin P’usa is totally devoted to Her Guru in thought, word and deed.

kuanyin 308

Don’t you know? The Path of the Order is the Path of Devotion, the Path of Devotion is the Path of Service, the Path of Service is the Path of Surrender, and the Path of Surrender is the Path of Liberation.

kuanyin 307

Why have you been asked to “serve to learn and learn to serve?” That is because the more you serve, the better you will learn of humanity, and the more you learn to serve, the gentler you will be, the quicker your Kuan Yin Heart will arise!

kuanyin 306

As many paths as there are to the summit of a mountain, so too are there many Paths to Self-realisation. This is because mankind has different natures and tendencies that were brought over from their previous births. So there must be different paths to suit the different types of people. Which then, is the best amongst them? It is the one which your Guru has revealed to you...

kuanyin 305

Be amongst those who are seeking those answers and be an evolved being. Be amongst those who are advancing along the evolutionary spirit. Be amongst the knowing and the wise.

kuanyin 304

As an unevolved person it is your duty to strive to reach upward, to search diligently, using your own inspiration, and to look for the answers that you seek.

kuanyin 303

Sit to silence your mind. For only in that silence may you be able to hear the Wondrous Voice, the voice of the One who attends to the cries of the world.

kuanyin 302

You will come to realise that your personal ego is nothing but the sum total of your thoughts. Then also will you come to know that if there were no thoughts there would be no personal self or ego. This is when it is possible for you to reduce your thoughts, which is a most difficult task, but one which must be done. For the silencing of thinking is the stilling of the personal self!

kuanyin 301

Let sitting be the effort to silence your mind then. In the beginning, the struggles to forget your personal life is difficult, but after a while, as you learn to control your thoughts and to forget yourself, the silence of the mind will appear.

kuanyin 289

Sit to quiet the body and the thoughts as often as you can. Sit to prepare the conditions in which the Divine will speak to you and manifest Itself to you. Do that, and you have performed worship, and the Divine will come to you in that great Silence.

kuanyin 288

It takes time to bring forth the heart that is mindful and caring. It takes time to develop the heart that is willing to accept the ups and downs of life. It takes time to attain the heart that seeks wisdom and compassion. Most of it, it takes much time to acquire the great compassionate heart that is resolved to help all beings.

kuanyin 287

To be happy and well you must live the Teachings!

kuanyin 286

The forgiving power of the Guru is greater than any sin which the disciple may commit!

kuanyin 285

Fulfil your responsibilities and be freed of the pains of accountability!

kuanyin 284

If you wish to know the past, then look at the present, which is the result of it. If you wish to know the future, then look at the present, which is the cause of it!

kuanyin 283

Eventually everyone in the world will be dear to you, and you will begin to treat them with love and respect. That’s when this Path will be appreciated by you.

kuanyin 282

What comes from the heart touches the heart.

kuanyin 281

“Do not think that Niang is far away from you. Each time you think of Her, She is there with you!”

kuanyin 280

The wind can be seen through the movements of the leaves and branches, the chakras can be seen by what we create around us!

kuanyin 279

The Three Mental Poisons: Greed, Anger and Delusion.

The Three Obstacles: Laziness, Impatience, Pride.

The Three Noble Qualities: Humility, Purity and Mercy.


kuanyin 278

In the end, everything must vanish into emptiness like the clouds in the sky. Also, everything you hear is the echo of emptiness. Seeing life as such as empty and dreamlike, then how can you be caught in your hope and fear? Let life be, live it, experience it, enjoy it and grow with it. Then each day will be a beautiful and well-lived day!

kuanyin 277

Don’t worry about achieving, just practise as sincerely as you can and all will be well.

kuanyin 276

When you are able to see that everything and every activity in the world is teaching you the spiritual path, this is when Dharma has at last integrated into your life. It is with this seeing that the beauty and the truth of the Teachings are revealing themselves to you. The rising and setting of the sun will give its messages to you... the coming and going of events teaches impermanence... the successes and failures of mankind explains karmic retribution and so on....

kuanyin 275

Contemplating the kindness of others is the best and most efficacious way of cultivating thoughts of love and compassion towards them!

kuanyin 274

For instance, before eating or drinking, you should reflect for a moment on where this food or drink you are about to enjoy has come from. You’ll soon realise that whatever food and drink that you can enjoy is dependent on the kindness of others. This will cause you to eat with the motivation of strengthening or keeping healthy your body as a means of helping others. This transforms eating and drinking into a means of enhancing attitudes of love and kindness. This is how you can transform your everyday activities into a spiritual practice.

kuanyin 273

What is most important is to learn how to integrate Dharma into daily life. This is what Dharma practice is all about. By this is meant that whatever you do, whether it be walking, sitting, eating, sleeping, praying, meditating and so on, the activity is performed for the sake of self-growth... towards elevating your mind... making it into a spiritual practice.

kuanyin 272

First of all listen to the Teachings; then think over what you have learned. Do that with logic and reasoning until a clear understanding is gained. In case there is doubt, and understanding is beyond you, seek the help of those who are more learned or wiser than you. Listen to what they have to say with a gladden and open heart. Try to recognise the wrong views that you have generated. Destroy them through applying logic and reasoning until a direct realisation is won. When this has been achieved, contemplate again and again the realisation until further knowing is gain - a kind of understanding or conviction gained through the power of direct seeing. Then check your new view with others!

kuanyin 271

Listen with your heart,
Contemplate with your mind,
Render service with your entire being!

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