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This section contains short teachings extracted from the messages that Sifu Kuan Ming received over the years, since 1979. The quotes contained herein are a collection of the daily quotes there were automatically posted on the front page.


It is when you can see that everything you own do not really belong to you that attachment will lose its grip on you!


As a human being, there will be times when your devotion wanes, when spiritual dryness is felt, and worldly desires are longed for strongly. What are you to do when such things strike you?
Unless you have prepared yourself well with regular habits of meditation and discipline, you will most likely fall prey to these attacks and end up seeking the simpler paths to follow!
But if you are blessed with a helpful and experienced teacher, this is the time for you to get closer to him, to submit yourself to him, to reveal your faults and weaknesses to him, to seek his words of wisdom and be transformed into a more inspired devotee!


When you can love your Guru with your whole heart and soul and surrender yourself to Him, that is when you have attain discipleship!


What prevents a person from moving forward is his refusal to abandon his array of faults!


The karmic law is not there to punish you nor to make life more difficult, but to teach you to live rightly and wisely so that you may be blessed with happiness!


Start working towards removing all confining attachments and desires. Know that every action, word or thought engenders its own balancing reactions, in due course!


The deep, spiritual truths are there in the messages! Seek them and be fulfilled!


“It is when you are sure that you belong to Niang that you will not be troubled by the setbacks of life!”
“Only those who can clearly see the causal influences of past karma may remain calm in times of difficulty and want!”


Stubborness is the clear sign that your ego is in full control of your life!


The five negative traits that must be weakened and eradicated with effort are dishonesty, disrespect, inconsiderateness, stubborness and laziness.The five good qualities that must be further strengthened and eventually perfected are: kindness, sympathy, helpfulness, truthfulness, and faithfulness. By attending to them this is far more important than the morning and night worship that are performed. For this is what living in accord with the Teachings is all about!


The turmoils of an anguished mind can be a source of pain beyond imagination! They can be likened to the crushing waves of a wild sea that even a seasoned sailer finds unbearable!


Let the highest goal of your life, for the time being, to be that of learning how to regard all who are with you to be dear to you! Do that, and you will find it easy to break the patterns of life, which you have adopted, that are now the very barriers that must be crossed!
Learn then, the lessons that are Given to you until full comprehension is attained, practise until the skills are acquired, and the higher goals of life will reveal themselves to you!


Praying with the hope of blessings is a negative action, there is insufficient faith and conviction. All should pray with full faith to generate positive energy and causing it to flow within oneself for the purpose of self-purification. With the purification of defilements and negative karma, virtues and good karma will soon arise. Praying with wisdom and conviction, one will quickly change his mental states thereby overcoming all wrong conceptions. With wisdom, everything that is, is Dharma and the journey towards understanding the truth begins, life will have a definite purpose, will become very fulfilling. Let this month be spent with deep meaningful prayers and many will benefit!


Practise happily! Be serious with the rules of practice, but do not allow that to rob you of the fun that comes with them. Otherwise you will not know that there is joy and humour in the Path! Know that this is not a Path of Woe, but of True Happiness! So let lose your habit to be ever serious! Bring back the sense of humour, if the Practice is to be long-lasting! Know that the journey along the Road of Spiritual Transformation is tough enough, so it is important that your sense of humour is there to accompany you! Know too that it is the happy cultivator who is able to win Divine Grace with ease! This being so, do what you can to restore humour into the lives of those who have forgotten to laugh with life! See if you can provide them with some laughter or merriment during the Dharma sessions!


Only those who have been true to the Path will know that this is the Year to clarify their desires (aspirations) and goals, and will take the positive steps to accomplish them with zeal and strictness!
Only those who will do this may earn the assistance of their Guardian Deities to accomplish them and be favoured with such happy signs as a joyful mind, sudden realisations, happy coincidences, feelings of great hope, and favourable opportunities of learning!


Be resolved to spend the months ahead with activities that will keep pure your body, speech and mind by filling them with selfless prayers, noble thoughts, wholesome activities, sincere worship, and kindly service! Do that to transform your heart into a Vessel of Divine Love, which is ever radiant with Divine Light! Then may you experience the joys of the Loving Heart, which is capable of emitting tenderness of a different kind to bring peace to one and all! Then may you come to understand that tenderness is the purest love of all - enjoyed exclusively by those who are able to give their highest love to others, without condition! Achieve that, and be transformed into what Niang would like you to be! Then may your True Nature be awakened and developed!


Bear in mind to encourage the devotees of the Order to say gracious prayers, practise generous giving and silent sittings all through their lives so that they may some day discover the true joys of being a Kuan Yin follower who is blessed with the Teachings of the Ancient Way!


Each time an unhappy or helpless one is before you, know that this is an occasion to learn to generate the heart of loving-kindness! Be ever grateful then, to those who have selected you to be the one who is privileged to hear their problems! Be ever gentle with them who have placed their trust in you and attend to them with your greatest care and concern! Do that with the heart of love and humility and reverence, and streams of healing light will flow forth from your heart. This is how you should be moving others into this Path of Light and Love!


To realise the natural goodness of your heart, this is what you are being taught to achieve in this Path of Service and Sacrifice. Do that by living the virtuous life, which will have you extending your hand of help and friendship to those who are directed to you for assistance!


“Let there be only this thought in your mind this year: That you will do your very best to bring happiness to those who come to you for help!”
“The real reward for spiritual life is the opportunity for service, especially those who have prayed hard for it!”


Om Ah Hum may be the wondrous Mantra of Purification, but it will not be efficacious at all if your body is not made use of to perform wholesome actions; your speech to speak truthfully and in a kindly way, and your mind to generate positive and compassionate thoughts all the time! Use not this mantra then, as a convenient way of purification!


Much knowledge have you gathered over the years. It is time to practise what you have learned and be rewarded with the knowledge of realisation! Then may you be able to teach straight from your heart with the least of difficulty!


It is time to be courageous! Run not away from decision-making, or others will do it for you! Decide what you would like it to be, then go for it! Be not indecisive if what is happening does not seem right to you! Do what you can to make things right! Even if they don’t, then at least you know that you have done what need to be done - for the good of all! Respond then, to the signs that are around you!


Sharing happiness with others is the most wonderful way of expanding your own happiness!


Spend time for quiet sitting, whenever alone; see if you can develop a habit out of it! Move not into contemplation, but just focus on the breathing to move “chi” to all parts of the body to promote healing and better health. For, by mid year, much quiet sitting of this nature must be practised, if you are to maintain your sense of balance and peace! Know then, that this shall be a year of challenge for you!
(8th January 2001)


“Remember that you are only the vehicle for The Teachings that are meant for others!”
“With love and sincerity, share your joy and knowledge with those who would hear, to make bright their lives!”


For those who do not know what to practice; try devotion, this shall be their great start in their Journey to Perfection!


“See not old people as wise and young ones as foolish, for many young souls are in old bodies and old souls in young bodies!”
“Live to encourage others to live and you will be changing their lives as well as your very own!”


Things that appear evil may not be evil! Therefore do not judge and regret later on! Learn then, to see no evil but what is good in it. Only then may you attain the right view and be ever calm and persevering in the midst of difficulties! The same is true with people as well! This being so, do not be easily convinced by others nor form opinions without thorough evaluations!


By becoming a friend to all, you will naturally be able to treat others fairly and with respect and love! By becoming a Kuan Yin devotee, you will naturally live your life in service of others with a heart of compassion! By becoming a Buddhist, you will naturally adopt both the practices to the best of your ability for the sake of all! For the goal of your life is to be able to generate the Precious Bodhicitta as swiftly as possible!


To know how well you lived in the past, observe the present condition of your life; to know what the future is to be, consider your present behaviour!

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