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Understand The Drama Of Karma

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All kinds of people make the world a very interesting place to live in. All kinds of people make living a great experience. Those who can see each kind of being as part of the whole, will not discriminate or be attached to them. Then they are able to understand why all must co-exist in order that the whole be maintained.

Yes, the world is indeed a stage and all beings must play their parts. But this drama can only be seen by those who are on high (Beings on High / Great Beings), only such highly developed beings are able to see it all and fully understand the cycle of existence of every being. They too have once played their parts in the Drama of Life and they have experienced all types of existences. But they were wise and they saw the need to cut themselves off from being just actors who must accept now this part and now that, according to the whims and directions of their minds. What directs the mind? The fruit of the “Wheel of Karma” which results in causality! What will your next life be? Better still, ask what will the next day be or even the next hour!

Life is the result of the play of your own karmic forces. Restrain them and you are able to determine what your future should be, like all the Great Ones who have conquered their passions through the practice of wisdom, they are able to be what they want to be. They direct themselves with clarity and with purpose and Karma is no longer the master puppet. All strings have been cut and they are those beings who have been victorious over themselves! They are the Beings on High, and they are the Great Compassionate Ones who are doing their best to remove the ignorance of mankind. They have known sufferings and are striving to lead beings over to the other shore of happiness! How many will succeed in becoming such wonderful beings. This too is a drama but a very serious one indeed!

The goal of life is to cut off from being yet another actor in another life within the samsaric stage! This being the case, why not strive for Buddhahood? It is the surest way to supreme bliss and then one is Lord and Master of himself, one is able to play a greater part in causing others to be as he is, one becomes ‘that kind of being’ that the world is in need of!

Be patient then with the various kinds of people who must come into your life. If they are bad and unreasonable, it is not because they wish to be so. They are only ignorant beings who are helplessly being controlled by the power of their Karma. They may be foolish beings, they may be cruel beings who deserve rebuke and punishment, but they are already suffering now and will continue to suffer in the future. What hope is there for them to rid themselves of great sufferings in the future? The cultivator must see life from this point of view if he wishes to put to practice the deeds of a Bodhisattva, if he wishes to generate the Mind of Enlightenment, if he is truly bent on Enlightenment! Then he will be beyond hurt and those who hurt him become his benefactors and teachers of the Path and he is really practising and succeeding in his practice.

It is not easy to know progress through self-practice by being away from those whom you dislike. The real proof of it is when even enemies do not cause a ripple in your mind but instead cause you to generate a compassionate heart towards them. Then, instead of hating and wishing to get even, you will wish for them to be happy and have the causes of happiness and you will hope that whatever is causing them to be such detestable persons will soon be a spent force! When this can happen, the world is richer by another Great Being who belongs to a rare category! What have you attained so far in life? Are you easily hurt by others, do you enjoy causing hurt to others? Do you see other with love and act kindly towards them or otherwise? Open your eyes then and be aware of all the classes of beings and you will understand how powerful Karma is. With this awakening, you will find it easier to forsake worldly pleasures and attachments and turn to the spiritual path!

Monday, 18th November 1985
10th Moon, 7th Day

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