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Do Not Worry About The Future

33KuanYin 17


Settle your mind and do not worry ahead of time. How many are suffering so because of some fears and uncertainty that they have? And they become despondent, grumpy and difficult to live with.

Those who wish to think only of a good and secured future are only fooling themselves if they are not able to live the present happily and beneficially. Those who try to look into the future will most likely be dreamers and worriers. They are wasting time and energy and they should be taught to appreciate the present and live it well. The future is always uncertain.

How many have thought that things will be right for them and then they fall? This is because they have not understood the workings of Karma. But this does not mean that things will sour up whenever they are going well. It all depends on the actions of the past and of past lives. Because of this uncertainty, it is best that we live each day fully and as wholesomely as possible. This will lead to a meaningful life dedicated towards self-improving through the practice of virtues; this will ensure that there will be positive and good karma arising in the future which will cause no pain; this will settle the mind and remove all kinds of worries; this will lead to the understanding that unhappy situations are bound to arise, due to previous unskillful deeds, so that even when they should arise one needs to face them calmly as a matter of repaying karmic debts and to learn from them. Be brave and live your life with full happiness, being aware of each moment of the day and living it wholesome, and the future will always be fine, and then worries will disappear!

Monday, 19th August 1985
7th Moon, 4th Day

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