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Your Path!

33KuanYin 15


There are countless methods of practices to improve oneself that lead to Enlightenment.

It is impossible for anyone to learn all of them and it is also not possible to determine which is the best method to adopt. It all depends on one’s own spiritual development and dispositions. It all depends on the circumstances and environment and so many other factors. For that, the method which keeps you on, that brings you meaning in your disciplinary practices, that reminds you of the need to practise that will be beneficial to others, that which is virtuous and directs you to follow the Middle Path, that is the method that you should take up.

What you have gone through all these years are but a learning process, to know more, and to learn to adapt. There is no fixed way for all and that is why it is said that Dharma Doors are innumerable. The way that you have been taught is as good as any that can be found. You need only to put some time in studying the important teachings so as to have proper guidelines and directions and with a life devoted to cultivating kindliness, patience and wisdom, progress will be assured. Let others follow their chosen paths, let them be quicker in reaching their goals, be glad that there are others who are before you and will reach the ultimate goal before you. Be ready to progress smoothly, surely even though it is a bit slower. The mind must not dwell on self-cherishing to the extent that you will feel depressed that others are ahead of you, that others have better methods of practice, that others have well-known teachers.

Within your heart, your own guru lies. Within your mind you know what is good and what is not and that you are being guided to live a life beneficial to others. So many exciting events have happened since you took up this Golden Path of Practice. What need is there to look further? What initiations have you taken that have benefitted you more than what you have learned through this simple method of sitting in contemplations, receiving simple messages and working out what you wish to do toward others, all within the confines of this little room?

Life can be as beautiful as you wish it to be, if you have understood yourself and have learned contentment. All that you have experienced through the invocation of a simple mantra, out of love and devotion, cannot be experienced by a hundred people within a life time. So there is no more need to search further, no need to adopt too many ideas of others. You have sufficient exposures and you should put your mind to practise all that you have learned. No further complications should be before you and a new and simple method of practice should be easily developed which you can teach to those who come and learn. Learning to cleanse your heart each day is what is vital, knowing numerous methods of practices will not help in any way. Sit once again, praying and contemplating the way that you will be shown and then you may drop all the unnecessary practices which does not bring about peace of mind. The most suitable practice is that which makes you feel fine and happy so that evenness of mind is felt. How can anyone accept any practice which causes him a troubled mind? For that, you will be able to appreciate better the way to pray that you have been taught. It is your duty to teach to those who wish to practise it and to adhere to it for life.

Once one has found the path, it is entirely up to him or her to make the entire journey. There is no need to wonder how long he will endure or enjoy the practice. When there is compassion in his heart, there will be indescribable joy in seeing happiness in others, there will be a feeling of happiness to be able to render help to others, and there will be contentment to see that each being is a kind and loving one. And then it becomes a duty for one to pray for the well-being and happiness of others so that every day is looked forward to. Those who come here regularly should by now know and love the path that they have chosen. They need not be told what to do and they should be grateful that such a place as this exists.

To speak of Kuan Yin is always pleasant. To think of Kuan Yin is always blissful. To be able to practise the Kuan Yin spirit, that is the paramount practice! One who has discovered the meaning of Kuan Yin and practises the Bodhisattva Path, he is the most fortunate of beings. To be able to develop a direct link through the heart and mind, that is a superior path and it will surely develop the spirituality of the person. Act naturally and do not be conscious of others’ comments on how that you are practising. Just be yourself and know that you shall have all the guidance there is needed to help others!

Wednesday, 28th August 1985
7th Moon, 13th Day

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