Vocational Skills Training

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Vocational Skills Training

KYCO CSP VocationalThe Vocational Skills Training project is directed towards urban poor care givers who sincerely wish to contribute to their family or to improve their financial status with assistance from KYCO-CSP Charity Arm.

To improve the financial status of the more able, we have provided them with equipment, tools and training in areas of farming, sewing, bakery and rug-making. One of the programmes, The Rug of Hope is aimed specifically at-stay-at-home mothers giving them the satisfaction of contributing and supplementing the household income. It encourages positive family bonding and an appreciation of being self-sufficient.

The mothers involved are single care-givers; with cases of husbands abandoning the family, deceased husbands, mothers with physical & mentally challenged children, mentally challenged mothers, those with husbands who are odd job workers and with spouses who have fallen on hard times. The activity helps them with training their cognitive thinking and coordination skills as well as giving them a moral boost and greater self esteem apart from a source of income.

KYCO-CSP assists these urban poor mothers in in the following ways:

- The members of the CSP Vocational Activity team provide training/trainers &  moral support in the rug making project. The rugs are hand made, each design is unique and with usually, no replica, measuring approx.  1.5 x  1.9 feet. 

- The members coordinate with the mothers to arrange their activity, date and time of the skill training projects, per visit.

- Our members wil source for the raw materials for the making of the rugs which are fully sponsored by CSP.

The CSP team will/is currently look(ing) for potential donors and buyers who would contribute and/or donate RM50/pcs to own one of these hand made rugs. Should you choose to donate, you shall own one of these homely hearths and will be supporting the mothers, aged members of their household and their dependants. In doing so, not only will they be able to sustain their families but your kind thoughts and actions would also promote emotional well being and a sense of self respect and pride amongst these urban poor mothers.