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Offer Warmth of Friendship

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Gathering together for the purpose of worship, one learns comradeship and learning how to relate to one another. To be happy in life is to be able to mix with others by giving or receiving help from each other.

He is a happy person who has learned friendship and has many friends who are sincere and true. All who gather for worship share the same faith and common interests and therefore should learn to treat each other as brothers and sisters, all should learn to greet each other and offer warm smiles so that even newcomers will not feel neglected. This is not a room for socialising but it is a place where all sharing the same common goal gathered by affinity. All who are here are therefore dear to each other as Dharmafarers. It is not easy to walk the path of enlightenment alone. It is best that this point be realised so that all will offer help to those who need it willingly.

For the beginners, encouragement must be present and unless they have experienced kindness, love and compassion, they will not be able to grasp the meaning of selflessness. Who then is responsible to encourage them to practice? It is everybody’s duty to do so. To walk into a room of strangers can be rather apprehensive and uninviting, and unless one meets up with a kindly one, or even one who offers a smile of welcome, the feeling of rejection may be felt and one will find it difficult to merge with the group unless he himself is gifted with the ability to make friends easily. Make this a place of warmness, a place of fellowship, where all who arrive will be welcome with friendship!

Sunday, 15th September 1985
8th Moon, 1st Day

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