Charity Fair @ Tadika Wawasan

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The Charity Fair was held on the 20th May 2012 at Tadika Wawasan, Setapak. Please click on each tab for more details.

The Event

Introducing the series of events that lead to the birth and implementation of this Charity Fair


After following the community service team – “Reaching Out Thro’ Service”, to visit some of the homes whom we support by providing food and provisions, Ms Jenny Heng and Ms Yap were moved to raise fund to ensure we can continue to help these families. Ms Jenny wanted to conduct a “flea market event”, and Ms Yap, the Principal of Tadika Wawasan thought of using her kindergarten. Unspoken, I was expected to unofficially coordinate and hence the birth of a “rag tag” team with our hearts basically thinking in one direction – help this unloved, marginalised, urban poor children and adults with emotional and physical and mental health issues and their truly long-suffering, aged parents who are still the caregivers in their twilight years. The aged parents’ heart wrenching pain having settled with more than difficult children especially when more than 50% of their children are unwell in this community brings on more than sympathy. Most wanted to extend a helping hand to bring them an extra moment of comfort.

Well wishers and devotees from KYCO have been supporting this community service project for nearly three years and naturally we are happy that a little spark has started with a team from all walks of life coming together to work towards helping the less fortunate.

We started with asking our friends to support and manage a stall and the break through that made this project with zero financial capital, feasible was when Ms Siow Lee asked her niece Ms Chung Soo Sun for support. She donated a whole lot of children toys, house-hold decorative items and such. What could be better items to attract, interest and benefit these kindergarten children then what we had gratefully accepted from Ms Chung.

With this, the rest is history, we teamed up and put aside differences of personality, religion and race and spent a lot of hands on work in checking the stocks.

As we progress, the team grew larger with more volunteers and sponsors.

Come 20th May, Sunday, we hope to video record the event which gave us lots of fun, laughter and bonding of friendship with trust and we hope to share this meaningful Charity Fair with you once it is uploaded into this webpage.

With great appreciation,

KC Chu

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